Welcome to S.S.R.-N.U.

est. 1906

The Christian students association of Utrecht

We are S.S.R.-N.U.

Founded in the year 1906, the Societas Studiosorum Reformatorum, Nieuwe afdeling te Utrecht” is the Christian students association of Utrecht. Stimulating the best within our members, discussing our beliefs and throwing great parties makes our association the optimal mix between self-development and having fun!

On exchange in Utrecht?

Meet fellow Christian students at S.S.R.-N.U.!


Most frequent questions and answers

We are opened every Tuesday and Thursday from 21:00 till ‘sluit’ (closing time). Some rare evenings are exclusive evenings for our members only, so do  not hesitate to e-mail us at vice-praeses@ssr-nu.nl in advance when you’re planning to visit. 

We are located at the Oudegracht 32

Even though everybody from S.S.R.-N.U. has Dutch as primary language, most of us speak English too! 

Sure we can! Just send a mail to vice-praeses@ssr-nu.nl and we will sign you up! 

This depends on your ability to speak Dutch. 

Due to our traditional character and the Dutch language being the main language for the activities we cannot accept students that do not speak Dutch at all. We have however successfully accepted Dutch-speaking international students in the past and are willing to take in students that do not speak perfect Dutch but who are still learning. Please contact vice-praeses@ssr-nu.nl if this is the case. 

More info soon!