Welcome to S.S.R.-N.U.

est. 1906

The Christian students association of Utrecht
Oudegracht 32

We are S.S.R.-N.U.

Founded in the year 1906, the Societas Studiosorum Reformatorum, Nieuwe afdeling te Utrecht” is the oldest Christian students association of Utrecht. Stimulating the best within our members, discussing our beliefs and throwing big parties makes our association so great!


Are you interested in meeting fellow (Christian) students? Visit one of our open activities and learn more about S.S.R.-N.U. and our members. 

Note: most of our lectures are given in dutch. Not sure if you will be able to understand the lecture? Call or e-mail us at vicepraeses@ssr-nu.nl, so we can help you out.

This party is organised by our Partycommittee (FeestCommissie). 'Herres' is a dutch word for 'fuss'. The theme is H of Herres, so everyone comes dressed as something that starts with an H. Bring all your friends and get a taste of S.S.R.-N.U.! The party starts at 22:00.

The Profunditycommittee (Vormingscommissie) will organise an Easter activity. Want to join? Send an e-mail to vicepraeses@ssr-nu.nl 

(Caution: lecture is in dutch)

Our political sub-association will organise a lecture. Keep an eye on our instagram for more information!



We always celebrate our Kings birthday greatly at S.S.R.-N.U., everybody is welcome so bring all your friends to this orange-party!

This week is all about you! Are you in doubt about joining our association? This week you are more than welcome at all our different activities during the week!

Immerse yourself in associationlife at this open night! The night starts at 21:00.


(Caution: lecture is in Dutch)

The Profunditycommittee (Vormingscommissie) will organise a lecture, which will be followed up with drinks at the bar. This is a classic S.S.R.-N.U. night, where profundity and coziness are combined!

This saturday our doors will be opened to everyone who wants to see our beautiful garden in the middle of Utrecht!

The UIT-week (Utrecht Introduction Time) is the introduction week for new students in Utrecht. During the entire UIT-week S.S.R.-N.U. is open. Every day and night fun activities will be organised, from pancake breakfasts to laser gaming to a themed party. More information will follow!

Did you have fun at S.S.R.-N.U. during the UIT-week? This week there will be two open nights which you can visit to ensure your application. The open nights start at 21:00.

Do you want to apply? That is possible! You can choose between the introduction weeks of 23 up to 30 August and 6 up to 13 September. Mail to vicepraeses@ssr-nu.nl

Want to be up to date about our open activities and more? Follow us on social media!


On exchange in Utrecht?

Meet fellow Christian students at S.S.R.-N.U.!


We are open every Tuesday and Thursday from 21:00 till closing time. Some evenings are exclusive to our members. Most of the time you are very welcome however. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us to make sure.

On Sunday’s you are welcome to enjoy coffee or tea after your church visit. We are open from 11:00 to 13:00. Looking for fellow students to visit church on a regular basis while in Utrecht? Please, just walk in on a Sunday, we are looking forward to meeting you.

We are located at the Oudegracht 32

Even though we are Dutch, most of us speak English well! We would love to chat with you and get to know you better.

Sure we can! Just send a mail to vice-praeses@ssr-nu.nl and we will keep you updated about our events.

This depends on your ability to speak Dutch. 

In order to fully experience student life at our club we recommend that you have at least some basic understanding of Dutch. We have successfully accepted Dutch-speaking international students in the past and are willing to take in students that do not speak Dutch fluently or are still learning. Please contact vice-praeses@ssr-nu.nl if you have any questions.